Has the abandoned property problem gotten better or worse?

Question: Has the current administration had any impact on the number of foreclosed and abandoned properties in town?


Answer: There's a major trend in foreclosures being completed and auctioned since the administration took office.


See the lists below yourself. The first link is the list of active foreclosures as of 11/19/15. The second is a list of active foreclosures as of 10/10/2017.

Active foreclosure dockets as of 11-19-2015

Active foreclosure dockets as of 10-10-2017


As of 11/19/15, there were 232 active foreclosure dockets in Phillipsburg.

As of 10/10/2017, there were 72 active foreclosure dockets.


That is a reduction of 160 foreclosures cases.

68% fewer foreclosures are in process since the current administration has taken office.


Coming soon.... What has the administration done to be tough on abandoned and vacant properties?


Source: NJ Judiciary via New Jersey Bankers Association

Note: Docket party names and address numbers have been removed from the lists provided to protect the privacy of the citizens listed.