Another Positive Comment for the Confidential Aide and Mayor Ellis

Posted on Facebook by Kelly Post Sheedy, Town of Phillipsburg Recreation Director
Comments regarding Sherry Corcoran, Confidential Aide

I work with this woman on pretty much a daily basis. She's one of the main reasons I've been able to make so much progress since starting May 1st. And also one of the main reasons I haven't thrown in the towel with the multitude of messes I've been forced to clean up. To name a few... she helped me get the splash pad project complete in <6 weeks, encouraged me to push through the barriers to get pool dances going, helped with logistical roadblocks for Pork Roll Palooza, guided me through a mess of bureaucracy on many different tasks, taught me basic new employee responsibilities since zero training was provided, and has always been a sounding board for my crazy Recreation ideas. From my understanding, a Business Administrator would have been the person to help me through a lot of this in my first 5 months, but that position is vacant. That position is a minimum of $120k for a municipality our size, plus pension & benefits we're looking at $150k annual savings. She took on most, if it all, of a BA responsibility. An HR Director would have helped with some of these tasks too, but we don't really have one of those either (just an acting hourly employee) since Town Council denied the position/salary of $40k annually. How can a Town operate without a Human Resources Director and a Business Administrator?! We also don't have a Tech person/Department, but that's a whole different story (lol). These responsibilities cannot just be pushed away, so Mayors Aid took on additional HR and BA tasks to keep us afloat.
In any company/business, how do you get a raise?
1. Title change
2. Take on additional responsibilities

She did both, very successfully in my first-hand experience, and now she's the target of a hateful campaign? Now she's front page news? Now she's being harassed while grocery shopping? Now she's subject to the scrutiny of people who probably couldn't keep up with her work ethic for one hour, let alone the 50+ she puts into a week?

She's a problem-solver, solution-focused, willing to put in 50+ hours a week to get the job done, and a woman I am proud to have as a mentor. Again, from my first-hand experience, she's one of the BEST employees Phillipsburg currently has.

And those who have the audacity to comment on her being a colleague of Mayor Ellis? Research how many family members right now are employed who are relatives of former Mayor Wyant. Everyone from the janitor to Department secretaries and DPW staff. When you hire, you want the person you think can do the best job--family, friend, or stranger.
I am probably Mayor Ellis' most recent "big" hire. I am a registered Republican and consider myself acquaintances of some known non-supporters of Mayor. Historically, I've pretty much always voted Republican. I never even met Mayor, beyond a handshake, before March. I don't have kids in the Youth Sports organizations or ties to any "high-profile" town employees. I applied, was interviewed multiple times by multiple people, appointed for the position and approved by Town Council. He thought I was the best candidate for the job, despite not knowing me on a personal or political level, and still recommended me for the position. He took a risk and ignored people who said, "I can't believe you're hiring a republican." If it's ok for him to hire a Republican, why the uproar when he hires one of the hardest working Democrats this town has to offer? Mayor Ellis could be out there using me as an example to combat these stories, but he hasn't. I sincerely appreciate that discretion and courtesy, but felt compelled to share it myself. He is being accused of things that are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what I personally experienced first-hand.

I'm about as Switzerland as it comes with politics.
Do the right thing.
Do your job to your fullest capability.
Have integrity.
Be a good person.
Work hard every day.
... so this environment is extremely foreign and frustrating to me. We're moving forward in Pburg whether you like it or not. So get on the train or get out of the way.