Claim:  The Phillipsburg Democratic candidates for Phillipsburg Town Council are being financed and run by outsiders.

Claim rating: Pants on fire

Source of Claim:  This claim is being published as an act of fairness.  We are examining the same rumor with respect to the Republican candidates.

The campaign for Brisson, Clark and Huff is being run completely and finance primarily by residents of Phillipsburg.  The two organizations that are running the campaign to elect Emil Brisson, Lee M. Clark and Ashley Huff are as follows:

  • The Committee to Elect Brisson, Clark and Huff for Town Council
  • The Phillipsburg Democratic Committee

All members of The Committee to Elect Brisson, Clark and Huff to Town Council are Phillipsburg residents.  Both organizations in the bullet points above are Phillipsburg based organizations made up exclusively of Phillipsburg residents.

BrissonHuffClarkSigncroppedOne way to know what organization is financing and running a campaign is to look at the "Paid For By" label on the candidates' signs and campaign literature. 

You can see on the picture at the right of a Brisson, Clark and Huff campaign sign.  Note that the Brisson, Clark and Huff campaign make the "Paid for By" label easy to read.  The Committee to Elect Brisson, Clark and Huff are proud to be Phillipsburg residents and proud to be part of a campaign that is run soley by residents of Phillipsburg.