Has the Mayor gotten anything done since he's taken office?

Claim: Mayor Ellis has done nothing since he's been mayor!


Rating: Pants on fire

In 20 months, Mayor Ellis, Councilman Davis, and Councilman Lutz have made enormous strides forward for the Town of Phillipsburg.

Together, Mayor Ellis, Councilman Davis, and Councilman Lutz:


  •  have caught and cited illegal garbage dumping in town
  •  have started implementation of a neighborhood preservation program, starting with neighborhood designation signs
  •  utilized strategic partnerships with utilities to reduce the cost of recent paving by 65%
  • proposed and passed an ordinance fining banks that foreclose on homes and leave them empty, bringing in nearly $250,000 to subsidize taxes.
  • proposed and passed an ordinance taking away the privilege to rent properties for landlords who fail to remedy habitability code violations
  • proposed and passed a new background check procedure for youth sports volunteers to ensure high visibility for background checked individuals
  • upgraded the Municipal Pool and installed a new splash pad
  • hosted the first ever New Years Eve bash in Union Square
  • scheduled the first ever Pork Roll Palooza in Union Square
  • worked with NJ Department of Environmental Protection to ensure proper soil remediation of the Ingersoll Rand property.
  • secured over $400,000 in grants to upgrade or install pavement ramps at all town intersections to save tax payer money
  • commissioned a professionally produced marketing and promotional video that will be used to attract and promote new business and development.
  • secured over $75,000 in special environmental project to jump start the Morris Canal Greenway
  • scheduled and held the town's first multicultural festival
  • sought out and found new support services in town to help combat opiate abuse  


    Emil Brisson, Lee Clark, and Ashley Huff can keep moving initiatives like these forward!