Does JP Stettner endorse Robert Fulper for Town Council?

Claim:  JP Stettner endorses Robert Fulper for Phillipsburg Town Council.

Claim rating: Pants on fire

Source of Claim:  The source of this claim is from a letter that was written by JP Stettner in 2014 recommending Robert Fulper for a volunteer position.  This letter was posted on the Republicans' candidate page for Phillipsburg Town Council.

As a result of a Facebook posting on the Republican candidates for Phillipsburg Town Council page, there appears, according to many in the Phillipsburg community, an implied endorsement by JP Stettner of Robert Fulper in his candidacy for Town Council.  JP Stettner has confirmed it appears Robert Fulper is using this post to infer his endorsement.  JP Stettner has publicly expressed that the letter he wrote years ago no longer reflects his views. JP Stettner actually described the actions Mr. Fulper has taken since the writing of that letter as evil.

In spite of an attempt to infer JP Stettner's endorsement of Robert Fulper, by publishing an old letter of recommendation for a volunteer position, JP Stettner does not endorse Robert Fulper's candidacy for Town Council.  Many in the community are expressing concern as to why Robert Fulper would try to get an endorsement of someone who he should clearly know would not endorse him in such a manner.  Citizens expect elected officials to be trustworthy and truthful.

Directly below is JP Stettner's response to Robert Fulper's attempt to imply his endorsement by publishing an old letter of reference for a volunteer position.


Directly below is the letter that was published on Facebook on the Republican candidates' home page which many took to imply that JP Stettner was endorsing Robert Fulper.