Response to Lehigh Valley Live Salary Article

Below is a response written by a citizen to the Lehigh Valley Live article regarding a salary adjustment that was provided to an employee in Phillipsburg.  Interestingly, this response was deleted just minutes after it was posted.

OK, First of all Mr. Novak let's start with why you continue to publish stories that are incorrect, one-sided or supplied by the Republican political hacks.  You were given all the information regarding this issue by the Mayor several months ago, but you have chosen to disregard the entire thing.  Your reporting has been limited to the political agenda of the Republican Party because that is all you have chosen to represent.  You did not leave several messages for Mrs. Corcoran, just one voice mail and one email late Thursday evening.  This is not only misleading, but you were not aware if she heard the voice mail or saw the email before publishing your story.  So let's get the facts straight.

Yes, Mrs. Corcoran received and 18% increase in pay, but it was a salary adjustment based on the continuing evolution and nature of the job, which by the way is Confidential Aide not assistant.  But you already knew that - there is a distinct difference between a raise and a salary adjustment.  As and Experienced Human Resource Executive, I have always taught that a raise is somewhat subjective but an adjustment is based on the review of factual conditions and achievements.

Mr. Steinhardt's comments were merely a twisting of the information to suit the political games which you are so willing to publish - but you already know that!

Yes, as you stated the salaries were controversial during the council meetings but not because of content, but merely because it again suited the political Republican agenda to disparage anyone who does not agree with their malicious views.  In fact the entire council passed the budget in May which included all of the same salary information.  Even after meeting with all the council members there was no point of contention with the salaries at that time.

This so-called shouting match was nothing more than a disgusting political play organized for affect.  Several hard working employees were deprived of their deserving salary increases for 10 months before the resolutions were passed - but you already know that!  Why didn't you report that?  And speaking of council meetings, everyone should be aware that this weeks meeting was cancelled by Mr. Tersigni because he could not make the meeting and then the other two Republican councilmen were forced to do the same.  If Mr Tersigni could not make the Town Council meeting, he should have handed the gavel over to the Town Council Vice-President, Mr. Bernie Fey, so the meeting could be held.  Because of this new Political stunt, the Town has lost a $31,000 discount on the pre-payment deadline for a new fire truck.  Also the town now runs the risk of losing State Aid because 2 other important resolutions have now missed the time deadline for approval of best practices.  Why don't you report about how the taxpayers are affected by this idiocy.

All of the salaries were approved on October 3rd except mine. Why? Because the Republican council members were so stunned by the passing of Mrs. Corcoran's salary, even by one of their own, that they needed someone else as a political pawn when put on the spot.  These actions are absolutely a sham and it is so clear to anyone who remembers how in 2015 the outgoing Republican Mayor and the council all authorized a 20% and even a 30% raise/pay increase to employees in the last days before Mayor Ellis took office.  Mr. Tersigni, who was and still is, a part of this devious behavior, once told me that he liked what I was doing and he was glad to support me when I was approved by the council as the Safety and Environmental Officer, but not at this time because they needed a new political pawn, me.  He is too busy driving people crazy then taping their phone calls and using them on U-tube to make them appear foolish.

I have always considered myself a middle of the road guy when it came to politics.  The person was more important than the party.  I came to work for the town because I wanted to help the people in Phillipsburg in any way that I can, something that I enjoy very much doing.  But now that I have been exposed to the malicious lies, confrontation, stalking, taping of phone conversations, and political maneuvering of the inept Republican Party, I know that the middle of the road is no longer acceptable.  These deceitful people that you continue to report about would only ruin all of the unbelievable progress that this administration has made. - but you already know that!

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Sam Cappello